Countereverything Design

I am a driven and forward-thinking web developer focused on user experience and efficiency. The focus points in my design include usability, space, and responsiveness. My passion for simplicity and utility display prominently in every website, application, and platform I make. I also love soccer and traveling.

Shop Phones & Plans

While working with the Customer Adaptation Center in Ericsson, I led the design and front-end development for the relaunch of Spint Prepaid. With nationwide coverage and flexible plans to match everyone’s needs, Sprint is one of the largest carriers in the country. A mobile-first approach leads the Sprint Prepaid shop redesign. Bold, flat colors and sharp lines organize the content and showcase the available phones for sale. The pages are designed to easily view, compare, and purchase phones from Sprint Prepaid catalog. The pages adapt perfectly from mobile to tablet to desktop screens accounting for different input types and device sizes. Visit

Fever Pitch

FFFutbol is a web application aimed at providing the most recent news about the best teams and players in the game as well as great way of looking up information about the teams you love. As my living love letter to the sport, the site continues to grow as I get to spend more time on it. Aimed mainly at being an information resource, the application is split into main sections of recent news and a general lookup tool. Parsing some of the news sources I frequent myself, there is a uniform and no-frills presentation of the recent stories to come out of world football. Visit

Say Cheese

Based in Austin, Texas, Georges Schemagin showcases a unique and defined collection of work that has gained him critical acclaim over the last few years. In addition to having the luxury of being my brother, Georges also continues to improve as a photographer and exceed the expectations of his clients. His website is based off a single-page architecture with designated pages for each album of pictures. The responsive and minimal design allow for the photography to take center stage. In each album there are links to his smugmug galleries. Visit

Feeling Dirty

With two locations in Austin, ATX Laundry serves as one the area's best laundromat services. It is fully attended, offers laundry supplies, satellite television and free Wi-Fi. The straightforward website makes it easy for users to find the locations and see open hours. Visit

A Connected World

Connect A Space offers an easy-to-use platform for the creation and management of any space you can imagine. With a wide-and-still-growing range of support for different types of sensors available in the market Connect A Space makes it easy to outfit any space with any amount or variation of sensors and begin gaining actionable information from any type of activity in no time. Visit

Lean & Mean

My responsive menu takes inspiration from a burger chain nearby where I once worked. The menu itself is sandwiched by information about the franchise and locations around the area. The sections are divided into groups based on what is seen in the real menu. Primary areas are encased by a CSS-made bracket to improve readability. The areas are stacked on each other in a mobile state and balance next to each other when viewed on larger devices.

Big Data

As the showcase for Ericsson at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 and the focus point for continued work in an internet-driven world, Ericsson Expert Analtyics (EEA) demonstrates a capable platform to interpret and use actionable data from a wide range of sources. For MWC, I developed multiple demonstrations to present different use cases of EEA. To show how the platform can respond to network activity and delivery of data to users I developed a video playback web application and survey web application.

The Daily Grind

During my time at Ericsson I have worked on countless customer demonstrations and pre-sales applications for a range of broadcasters and operators. Captured below are some of the highlights in the last year.

Managing Restaurants

Based in Dallas, TX, Ziosk is the industry leader for tabletop menu, ordering, entertainment and payment with over 1,100 deployed networks throughout the United States. The content management system designed reflected the multiple levels of content and access required to manage tens of thousands of installed devices across the country. In order to best serve the needs of Ziosk, Ericsson guided the creation of conditional access and rules, various levels of functionality, and a hierarchy of content for the CMS. Visit

Closer to the Game

StadiumLive provides an enhanced experience for a user within a venue. Sharing location information, finding friends, and interacting with proximal food vendors and digital signage become reality with this application. Different pages and content are easily accessible from two off-canvas side panels and the direct, minimal styling promotes the content. Getting to your ticket, watching video, and ordering food are made to be seamless actions that can be called upon with ease.
I build with: CSS, HTML, Javascript, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap, Swift, Photoshop, iBeacons, and NFC readers